Number of Articles: 540
26. An Investigation in the Deformation Zone of the ECAE Process by the Upper Bound Theorem

Volume 2, Issue 3, Spring 2009

MohamadJavad Mirnia; Caren Abrinia; Abbas Rastgoo

27. Flow Balance of an Extrusion Die for Production of a U-Shaped Profile

Volume 2, Issue 4, Summer 2009

Abbas Zolfaghari; Amihosein Behravesh

33. Extracting Lateral Transfer Function of a Remotely Piloted Helicopter by System Identification Method Using 3-DOF Test Stand

Volume 4, Issue 2, Winter 2011

Hesamodin EbnodinHamidi; Elyas Nezamoleslami; Faridodin Javadifar

34. Study and Analysis of Al2O3-SiC Nanocomposite Ceramics’ Fracture Toughness using Vickers Indenter

Volume 4, Issue 3, Spring 2011

AliReza Moradkhani; HamidReza Baharvandi; Mehdi Tajdari; Abbas Vafaee Sefat

35. Frequency Analysis of a Cable with Variable Tension and Variable Rotational Speed

Volume 4, Issue 4, Summer 2011

Moharam Habibnejad; AliAkbar Alipour

37. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Groove Pressed UFG Pure Aluminum

Volume 5, Issue 2, Winter 2012

akbar sajadi; F. Javanroodi; M. Borhani

38. Anisotropy Induced Biaxial Stress-Strain Relationships in Aluminum Alloys

Volume 5, Issue 3, Spring 2012

Milad Janbakhsh; Mohammad Riahi; Faramarz Djavanroodi

39. Monitoring of Pipe-Wall Thickness and Thinning Rate by Ultrasonic Technique

Volume 5, Issue 4, Summer 2012

Farzaneh Salehi; Farhang Honarvar; Anthony N Sinclair

42. Design and Manufacturing the Torque Gauge of ICaSbot and Implementing its Data Transfer Protocol

Volume 6, Issue 2, Spring 2013

Moharam Habibnejad korayem; A. Tajik; H. Tourajizadeh

43. A Novel Study of Penetration ‎into Concrete Targets by Ogive ‎Nose Projectiles

Volume 6, Issue 3, Summer 2013

Ahmad Reza Khoogar; Mohamad Ali Mohades; Khodadad Vahedi

45. Multi-objective Suspension Optimization of a 5-DOF Vehicle Vibration Model Excited by Random Road Profile

Volume 7, Issue 1, Winter 2014

Mohammad Hasan Shojaeefard; Abolfazl Khalkhali; Pedram Safarpour Erfani

47. Vibration Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates Carrying Rotating Circular Mass

Volume 7, Issue 3, Summer 2014

Reza Alibakhshi; Reza Akbari Alashti

48. Intermetallic phase formation during combustion synthesis of mechanically activated Ni-Ti alloy

Volume 7, Issue 4, Autumn 2014

Seyed Khatiboleslam Sadrnezhaad; Shahin Katiraei; Abbas Ghasemi