Laminar Mixed Convection Flow in a Shallow Two-Sided Lid-Driven Rectangular Enclosure



A numerical investigation of laminar mixed convection heat transfer in a shallow two-sided lid driven rectangular enclosure of aspect ratio 5, (AR=5) is executed. The natural convection effect is sustained by subjecting the bottom wall to a higher temperature than its top counterpart. In addition, the two horizontal walls of the enclosure are moving in different directions and the two vertical walls of the enclosure are kept insulate. Discretization of the governing equations is achieved through a finite volume scheme. Fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics are examined in the domain of the Richardson number and Grashof number as  and  while the bottom side of enclosure is moving in two different horizontal directions. The working fluid is assigned a Prandtl number of 0.7, 10 and 100 throughout this investigation. Temporal variations of streamlines, isotherms, and Nusselt number are presented in this investigation for various pertinent dimensionless groups.