Feature Recognition of Sheet Metal Components and Strip Layout Design in Bending Progressive Dies using Fuzzy Set Theory



Sheet metal components design and manufacture need a great deal of experience and know-how. Strip layout design is usually done with trial and error until best design for strip layout is finally achieved. Knowledge for the system is formulated from plasticity theories, experimental results, and the empirical knowledge of field experts. In this paper, an algorithm which can automatically design the bending sequence for progressive dies is described. A computer program is developed based on the algorithms and it composed of several modules, namely: feature recognition and design advisory module, flat pattern layout module and strip layout module. In the feature recognition module, all of the features of a 3-D component can be recognized automatically and checked against some manufacturability rules. In the second module, the flat pattern layout of the component is created automatically. In the strip layout module, the bending sequence is determined using fuzzy set theory. The system is developed in Visual Basic on a Solid Works platform. The software can also be used as an advisory system for die designers.