Calculation of Elastic Modulus of Reinforced Nanocomposites by Carbon Nanotubes using Finite Element Method, Averaging Approach and Micromechanics Relations




Carbon nanotube (CNT), due to extraordinary mechanical properties, is an effective Stiffener as reinforcement in resin for fabricating of nanocomposites. It is demonstrated by adding a small amount of CNT to the matrix, the elastic modulus of matrix increases remarkably. In this paper, the elastic modulus of CNT reinforced nanocomposites is obtained two-dimensionally using a finite element method (FEM), averaging approach and micromechanical. The obtained results are compared with experimental results that had already been reached by other researchers. It is shown that the experimental results are in acceptable agreement with the results presented in the present paper. Since the utilization of Micromechanics approach is an easier method, this method as used in the present paper can be used to calculate the elastic modulus of CNT reinforced nanocomposites