Iran University of Science and Technology


Recently, offshore and ocean engineering have been dealing with novel materials that play a significant role in reducing the weight of structures used in the ship construction industry. 5XXX series of aluminum alloys are of the novel alloys are suitable for construction of ship hulls and the topside structures of offshore platforms. Within different 5XXX aluminum alloys, AA5083 is of great importance which is extensively used in the ship construction industry. In the present study, formability of AA5083-H111 aluminum alloy is investigated in room temperature by using uni-axial tensile tests and hydraulic bulge tests. Tensile tests were performed to evaluate materials anisotropy in different directions with respect to rolling direction. Anisotropy coefficients were then used to correct flow stress curves obtained by balanced biaxial bulge tests. Moreover, flow stress curves obtained from both tests were separately introduced to an explicit commercial finite element code. Comparisons showed that numerical simulation done in this study stand in according with the experiments.