اصفهان- خیابان جی غربی- ایستگاه نارون- کوی شهید علیرضا ربانی - پلاک 2


Hydro-forming is a fabrication process that uses a fluid medium to form a piece by using high internal pressure. In tube hydro-forming, a tubular blank is placed between two dies, sealed and pressurized water injected, deforming the tube walls in the cavity form of the dies. Exist Several typical hydro-forming processes such as T- shapes, cross-shapes and Y- shapes. Successful hydro-forming depends on selection of proper tubular blank, sound preform shape and internal pressure. In this paper, 3D model of hydro-forming process of T-shape tube has been simulated by finite element method. Two damage model, coupled with von Mises plastic criterion, have been applied to predict where and when onset of ductile and MSFLD rupture occur in the process. All studies presented in this paper have been carried out on aluminium alloy EN AW-7108 T6.