Dynamic Load Carrying Capacity of Spatial Cable Suspended Robot: Sliding Mode Control Approach




This paper proposes a control strategy for a cable-suspended robot based on sliding mode approach (SMC) which is faced to external disturbances and parametric uncertainties. This control algorithm is based on Lyapunov technique which is able to provide the stability of the end-effecter during tracking a desired path with an acceptable precision. The main contribution of the paper is to calculate the Dynamic Load Carrying Capacity (DLCC) of a spatial cable robot while tracking a desired trajectory based on SMC algorithm. In finale, the efficiency of the proposed method is illustrated by performing some simulation studies on the ICaSbot (IUST Cable Suspended Robot) which supports 6 DOFs using six cables. Simulation and experimental results confirm the validity of the authors’ claim corresponding to the accurate tracking capability of the proposed control, its robustness and its capability toward DLCC calculation.