In this study, behavior of pin-loaded glass fiber reinforced with polyethylene laminated composites with different stacking sequence and different dimensions has been observed experimentally and stress analysis was performed using ANSYS software. The aim is to investigate stresses, failure strength and failure mode of composite laminates containing a pin loaded hole when the material exhibits linear elastic behavior. The logical methodology for modeling the joint problem uses the two major steps:, failure analysis and stress analysis. Failure analysis is done experimentally and stress analysis is done by using ANSYS software. To investigate and verify to the analytical predictions of mechanical behavior, and to observe the failure characteristics of the pin-loaded composites, a series of experiments was performed with eight different material configurations, in all, over 36 specimens. The edge distance-to-hole diameter ratios and width-to-hole diameter ratios of plate were changed. For this part of study, layered composite materials were manufactured in our Institute. The stress distribution around the hole in pin-loaded glass-fiber with polyethylene laminate was performed, and In addition, ANSYS was performed to compare effects of different boundary conditions used to simulate the pin load on stress distributions around the hole.