Design and performance evaluation of Tuned Vibration Absorber for the vibration control of a centrifugal pump


Gujarat Technological University, Gujarat, India


With the prolonged use of domestic centrifugal pump, due to erosion, corrosion and an unbalance the sever vibration of the pump are resulted. An erratic sound coming out of pump makes the user uncomfortable. Here, Tuned Vibration Absorber (TVA) is used as a vibration controlling device. It is designed to reduce the RMS velocity below 20% of the circumferential speed, at which the impeller is balanced. Natural frequency were found both by analytical and the numerical methods. A fan cover is considered as a TVA, tuned to the operating frequency and the dominating higher frequencies have been tackled by designing new TVA. Here with TVA, the vibration has been reduced to the permissible limit and the amplification factor is within the allowable limit.