Optimization of suspension system of sport car in three dimensional reactions space


1 K. N. T. University

2 Msc. Mechanical Engineering Department K. N. Toosi University of Technology


Suspension system as one of the most important key elements of vehicle has always been considered by research centres and auto makers over the world and this issue is more important on sport cars which have special sensitive working conditions and even the smallest defect can strongly affect their performances. In this study, optimization of effective handling parameters of a sport car with three optimization indices is favourable cover racetrack at the shortest possible time. For this purpose a sport car model simulated in ADAMS/car software has been used and all test steps have been implemented in this environment. At the end of reaching optimum solution in different racetrack conditions, Pareto solution set optimization method has been used and in this problem, optimization indices have been examined which is covered distance in standard constant radius test with three different radii. so, by implementation of these experiments at different levels of optimization parameters, all solution sets are collected in a three dimensional diagram called performance space whose coordinates axes are optimization indices values, then using LP norm idea, possible optimum solutions are selected from among other solution and in order to find optimum solution in a special racetrack, a new idea has been proposed, through this, weighted coefficients related to each optimization indices for a special racetrack are determined and optimum solutions appropriate for that track is selected from pareto solution set.