Developments in Conventional Machining of Aluminum Matrix Composite Material: A Review



2 Department of Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Engineering and Technology


Aluminium matrix composites (AMCs) materials are continuously displacing traditional engineering materials because of their advantages of high stiffness and strength over homogeneous material formulations. Properties of AMCs can be tailored to the demands of different industrial applications by suitable combinations of matrix, reinforcement and processing route. Presently, several grades of AMCs are manufactured by different methods. The hard ceramic component that increases the mechanical characteristics of AMCs causes quick tool wear and premature tool failure in the machining operations. Therefore the solution of the machining problems is one of the prerequisites for a widespread industrial application of AMCs. This paper provides a review of various research activities and various developments in the field of conventional machining of AMCs. Researchers have explored a number of ways to improve machining efficiency by traditional methods. This paper presents an overview of AMC material that reveals the roles of the reinforcement particles on the machinability of AMCs and provides a useful guide for a better control of their machining processes.