Feasibility study on aluminum alloys and A441 AISI steel joints by friction stir welding


Department of Mechanical Engineering , Sari Branch, Islamic Azad University, Sari, Iran.


In this paper, welding feasibility between AA1100, AA5050 and AA6082 aluminum alloys and A441 AISI steel by friction stir welding has been studied. Mathematical analysis of the heat generation during process showed that the maximum temperature produced in AA6082 aluminum alloy and A441 AISI joint but heat distribution in AA1100 aluminum alloy was higher than the other alloys. The investigation on joints windows concluded that the connecting link between AA1100 and A441 AISI steel was without any defect. Because of improper heat production and distribution in other joints, small tunnel was formed in the joints lower zones. Due to the softness of aluminums rather than steels, in tensile tests all joints were broken from the aluminum base metals. Strongest weld belonged to AA5050 aluminum alloy and A441 AISI steel joint that was about 84% of the aluminum base metal strength. Maximum joint efficacy based on A441 AISI has its place to AA6082 to A441 weld. Microhardness tests shows that welding line between AA1100 aluminum alloy and A441 AISI steel is harder that other joints.