Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology,


In this study, feedback linearization (FL) for 6R manipulator is designed, simulated and implemented. The presented input-output FL controller has achieved the desired performance for the complicated nonlinear terms in the arm’s dynamic equations. Simulations were used to test the performance of the controller for point-to-point motion as well as continuous trajectory. The results of the point-to-point motion simulations and experiments were compared, where it indicates that the proposed approach preserved smooth motion in a very short process time with good accuracy. The dynamic load carrying capacity (DLCC), which is a criterion to determine FL controller performance on 6R robot, is also investigated, based on saturated torque of the motors and allowable error bounds. Moreover, it was shown that the control law is able to accurately represent closed-loop equations and simultaneously imposed desirable behavior on 6R robot.