Behavior Analysis of Cold Expanded-Bolt Clamped AL2024-T3 Plate

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Engineering, University of Eyvanekey, Iran


For making rivet and bolt connections, making a hole is necessary. While basic S-N graph can be extracted from design documents, analysis of stress can be used for two different approaches. The first approach is the theoretical derivation of analytical relations with simplified assumptions like planar stress or uniform bolt load distribution. The other one is the numerical simulation using robust codes like Abaqus software. By using these two approaches, residual stress distribution around the hole can be extracted in various conditions. In this experiment, an aluminium 2024-T3 plate with 3.2 mm thickness is considered. The stress analysis results and basic S-N graph were combined and discursive S-N graphs were obtained for different cold-expanded bolted holes. These graphs were compared with experimental data in several steps. First, the bolt fastening was considered. In the second step, cold expansion was considered and in the final step, the effects of fastening bolts and nuts and cold expansion was considered simultaneously. At last, a comparison between various steps was drawn. The results of this study showed that this new analytical method on distribution of residual stresses around cold expansion holes is as effectiveness as old methods.


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