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1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Khatamul-Anbiya Air Defense, Iran

2 Department of Structural Analysis and Simulation, Aerospace research institute, University of MalekAshtar, Iran


In this research, the effect of different structural parameters on the dynamic behaviour of a thick plate with a smart attached mass, which is a mass embedded with the Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) fibers were investigated. The results showed that the inherent stiffness of the smart attached mass and the localized stiffness due to the effect of SMA fibers both play a significant role in the dynamic behaviour of the plate, and ignoring either of these parameters results in a considerable change in the system responses. The size and position of the smart attached mass were also found to be of particular importance, since the effect of the weight of SMA and attached mass and the forces induced by SMA transformation all have significant and sometimes conflicting effects on the system vibrations. The results also showed that the changes in the system parameters, and particularly the characteristics of the SMA fibers such as activation temperature, pre-strain, and volume fraction, result in the appearance of dynamic responses that cannot be neglected.


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