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1. Study of Composite Pressure Vessel CNG with Nonmetal Liner Under Low Velocity Impact

Abbas Vafaeisefat; Mohammad Tafazoli Harandi

Volume 1, Issue 3 , June 2008

  Composite pressure vessel CNG made of epoxy – carbon material with nonmetal liner is 60% lighter than aluminum vessel under the same conditions. One of the important parameters in the pressure vessels design is their resistance against impact and prevention of explosion. In this paper, the effects ...  Read More

2. Numerical Study of Increasing Error Order in Finite Difference Method Used for Analyzing the Rectangular Isotropic Plate's Vibration Behavior

MohamadHosein Kargarnovin; Kasara Karbaschi; Hasan Hasanzadeh

Volume 1, Issue 3 , June 2008

  Now a days, structures with planar geometry such as Sheet metals, have attracted special consideration among advanced techno logia, and hence investing vibration behavior of sheet metal is of prim important . In particular regarding dynamical investigations, if the natural frequencies get ignored, the ...  Read More

3. Machining Parameters Optimization of Self – Rotating Turing Tools Via Taguchi Method

Hosein Esmaeili; Ahmad Afsari; Payam Saraeiyan

Volume 1, Issue 3 , June 2008

  At this study, after designing and manufacturing a rotary tool, its machining parameters and their effects on surface roughness of aluminum alloy of Al99 which  is one of the most consumable alloys in aerospace industry, is  studied and optimized. First, the rotary tool is designed and manufactred. ...  Read More

4. Study on Effective Parameters on Machining Power and Presenting the Predictive Models in Machining of EN-AC 48000 Aluminum Alloy

Hamid Zarepour; Hessam ShahAli; Esmaeil Soltani

Volume 1, Issue 3 , June 2008

  In this research using statistical analysis the effect of machining parameters such as cutting velocity, feed rate, and tool type on machining power (Pm) in machining process of EN-AC 48000 aluminum alloy has been studied. A Taguchi L27 standard array has been utilized as the most economical array to ...  Read More

5. Analysis of Liquid - Fuel Vortex

Esmaeil Esfandiary; Mehran Moradi; Bouzar Ghasemi

Volume 1, Issue 3 , June 2008

    For a long time, many efforts have been taken on improving gas turbine performance to increase the propulsive force and keep the chamber walls cool. In this regard, implementation of cyclonic and vortex engines have been proposed. According to increasing in the engine efficiency and keeping the ...  Read More

6. Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer in Circular Perforated Plates Exposed to Parallel Flow and Suction

Mohamad Moghimian; Behnam Rahmanian; MohamadReza Safaei; Marjan Goudarzi

Volume 1, Issue 3 , June 2008

    Unglazed transpired solar collectors are widely used for heating outside air directly, these days. Pre-heating ventilation air for large spaces and heating air for crop drying, are some of the applications of these kinds of collectors. The outside air is drawn straight from ambient, uniformly ...  Read More

7. Using Adaptive Meshing for Solving the Transonic Flow around Airfoils

Sayed AmirAbbas Oloumi; Mehran Ameri

Volume 1, Issue 3 , June 2008

   Numerical analyses have shown that successful flow simulations and the accuracy of solution noticeably depend on the number of nodes used in computational meshing. A suitable meshing should have the capability of adapting with main flow parameters. Because the number of total nodes that can be ...  Read More

8. Airplane Design Process in the Base of Roskam Method and Application on Design of an Unmanned Air Vehicle

MeharanAli Azizi; Hessam Salehipour; Sima Farazi

Volume 1, Issue 3 , June 2008

  In This Article, an unmanned airplane vehicle (UAV) has been design using a new method(Roskam method). This design is based on the maximum payload of 4kg, maximum altitude of  2500m, cruise speed of 120 km/h at sea level and loiter of 60 min. Based on this, desing configuration of the UAV with the ...  Read More