Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1, Winter 2017 (63) 
1. Longitudinal and Lateral Vibration Analysis of Cables in a Cable Robot Using Finite Element Method

Pages 1-11

Hami Tourajizadeh; Mahdi Yousefzadeh; Moharram Habibnejad Korayem

2. Ultrasonic Assisted Equal Channel Angular ‎Extrusion Process ‎‎(UAECAE)‎

Pages 13-22

Hamed Razavi; Yaghoub Tadi Beni; Mohammad Baharvand

5. Free Vibration Analysis of Nanoplates using Differential Transformation Method

Pages 39-49

Sayed Hassan Nourbakhsh; Mohsen Botshekanan Dehkordi; Amir Atrian

7. Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Titanium/HA FGM for Dental Implantation

Pages 57-74

Sina Sazesh; Aazam Ghassemi; Reza Ebrahimi; Mohammad Khodaei

9. Non Destructive Evaluation of Glass-Epoxy Composite using Impact-echo Method

Pages 85-91

MohammadMahdi Amiri; M. Tabatabaee Ghomi; Gh. Liaghat

11. Effect of the Micro Wire-EDM Process Parameters on the Recast Layer in the Molybdenum Micromachining

Pages 101-107

Mohammad Tahmasebipour; Y. Tahmasebipour; A. Shabani; M. Boujari Aliabadi