Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 2, Spring 2018, Pages 1-139 
5. Vibration Analysis of 2-PR(Pa)U- 2-PR(Pa)R New Parallel Mechanism

Pages 47-56

Mehran Mahboubkhah; Sajjad Pakzad; Morteza Homayoun Sadeghi; Mir Mohammad Ettefagh

9. The Aerodynamic Effects of the Blade Lean on a High-Aspect-Ratio Transonic Axial Flow Rotor

Pages 85-93

Mansour Asghari; Mohsen Agha Seyed Mirzabozorg; Mahmood Adami

13. Experimental Study on Magnetic Abrasive Honing of Inner Surface of Tube AISI304

Pages 121-129

Hamzeh Shahrajabian; Masoud Farahnakian; Payam Saraeian